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More pendants:

Victoriana pendant, front and back

Naturalist pendant, front and back

Embracing my Inner Etsy:

I know that these are really derivative, and you can buy ones that are 10x better on Etsy or a similar crafty site, but I still like them because I made them:

"Alice in Wonderland" pendant, front and back

Christmas pendant, front and back

Edward Gorey pendant, front and back (to be fair, only the front is Gorey).


Here, if anyone's interested, is my latest enterprise:


It's basically an advice blog with a Victorian slant, and a damn good way for me to avoid studying!  Enjoy (or don't; see if I care)!


Drunken party status updates:

Somehow I managed to post these last night, despite being drunk as a skunk:

"Everyone herte is drunk and our toilet is broken. However, Darcy;'s is still up for grabs so come on over! xxxooo"

2 hours later: "Party update: Everyone is REALLY drunk (and some are making out) and the guitars have come out. I fucking love my friends."

3 hours later: "Megan wants me to make a dirty post on my Facebook wall, but I am too drunkish."

1 hour later: "Party update: The toilet is now broken X 2, but nobody cares because we are too drunk. Christin is asleep in the office. We are Youtubing random videos. The chardonnay is almost gone so I may have to switch to merlot, but there is still plenty of beer. Huzzah!!"

Moooahahaha - awesome.


Drug withdrawal update # 1:

Taunting the cats, staggering and loudly singing "Werewolves of London." So, nothing yet.

Jan. 10th, 2011

Y'all and sundry: I am going cold-turkey from a weird-side-effect-laden headache drug, so if I say something nutty, it may actually be withdrawal as opposed to my usual oddness. Just an FYI.

Also: those "2nd Amendment under every circumstance" types who are EVEN TODAY still defending the use of assault weapons by private citizens? I'll see them in hell.

In fact, if there is one glimmer of hope in this tragic, sordid day, it is that maybe someone will wake the fuck up and see that ASSAULT weapons are neither necessary nor desirable in the hands of private citizens. Assault weapons were not envisioned by the Framers when they drafted the 2nd Amendment, and they have no place in a supposedly rational society.


AMAZING day in court:

Had my first court proceeding today as a student attorney; until now I've only represented clients outside of court. Today I was representing a battered woman seeking an extension of her Protection From Abuse order. Usually lawyers only get extensions for a year or two, but I argued (apparently persuasively) to the Court why my client should get a *20*-year extension, and the judge gave it to me! **

This is apparently an unprecedented amount of time to ask for, at least in the experience of all of the lawyers who heard about it, and in the case of the judge who granted my motion. I was so relieved; my client has severe post-traumatic stress disorder from the years of abuse and would NOT have done well at a hearing. Now she can get this protection order enforced for 20 years!!!

Maybe I'll be okay at this lawyer stuff after all! *crosses fingers*

** And yes, I KNOW this sounds braggy, but look at it in this context: this is one of the first times in my 3 years of law school that I have distinguished myself in any relevant legal way. I have felt thoroughly mediocre for quite a while now, and it is really refreshing to know that I've done something remarkable for once!


I just realized that all of our cats have human psychoses. Mouse has pica; Bunny is paranoid and bulimic; Bastet suffers from senile dementia; Smokey has an inferiority complex from being picked on by the girls; Bella is a klepto; and Hobbes thinks he can fly.

Ay, Dios mio...

I'm reproducing this FB conversation because it's a very telling (if one-sided) look at the current condition of the school:

Chris: i wonder if it was the homeless people living in the stacks, the flooding in the library, the lack of security/laptops thieves, giving certain contracts professors tenure, the three stooges (sherry brenda and peter), or the complete lack of diversity (besides the bs film on the homepage) which makes the school tier 3?

Marita: Hahaha I think you covered it all

Me: I think it was the crazy-ass adjunct professors.

Marita: Don't forget the poor course selection

Me: The Vermin Lounge...

Marita: I'm surprised I haven't seen a rats nest yet the love moldy damp spaces

Bodie: asbestos. no really.

Me: Do we have empirical proof?

Bodie: my source is very reliable.

Me: How is it that we have not yet filed a class action suit?

Geez...and I wonder why I get so many headaches (okay, that isn't *entirely* fair; I got them before I started going here).
For J.D., this unpretentious bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses: (((((()))))). And my love. ♥ ♥ ♥


Jan. 2nd, 2010

I started off the vacation reading Shakespeare and Fitzgerald; in the middle of it, I'm reading Stephen King and Susan Isaacs (not lofty, but still pretty decent). But by the end of vacation I'll probably be reading crap like "Carrie Prejean: Not Without my Sweater" and "Lee Iacocca: An American Dreamer." (And drooling mindlessly.)


Apr. 23rd, 2009

I haven't written at all lately, because recently my thoughts tend to be rather frantic and circular, like a rodent's. Here's a sample:

Broken toe - friggin' cat.  What shoes do I wear to the Barrister's Ball with broken toe?   Have to be flats - ew gross   haven't found dress yet - want formal cheap stunning   Have lost 12 lbs but not enough - am still *round*. Protein leafy green vegetables quinoa Gillian McKeith BBC "Cash in the Attic" love antiques bone china from England yay.   Can't drink too much the night of the Ball - alcohol fattening, plus gotta write paper gotta outline gotta study study read cases study.   law school - outline crim pro family law   Infiniti broken - what the hell?   Hope it's not more than $500 to fix   okay, more than $700   money   shit what about money?  No jobs - stupid economy.  Starbucks? No; hate working face to face with the public.   Have to be an unpaid intern - ask Evil Grandmother to give me the rest of my inheritance so I don't starve.   Hate begging.   Head hurts toe hurts back hurts fuck.   How can I get to exams without a car?  Who's throwing up now?   Baby Bunny cat - crap.  Cats getting old   *I'M* getting old - I'll be 30 in a week   holy shit it's late April.   Spring? Forgot about spring   wanna go outside   what's that? Haven't seen the sun in months except in slideshow at environmental law climate change lecture   may *never* see the sun until law school ends.   law school - outline pro res, copyright paper  But if I'm an unpaid intern this summer I may be working all the time anyway, and I'll never see the sun never sleep   why can't I sleep? Gotta read exam-prep book in one day, but that'll keep me awake.   o god exams paper scared about grades job money car   Need drugs to sleep. Why does Tod snore? I'll bet I don't snore.   Keep foot elevated man this sucks   Broken toe - friggin' cat.


This has totally always been one of my big dreams, and some lucky mofo actually got to do it!


My other current dream is to fake my own death (so I don't have to pay off my student loans) and move to England and plant hedgerows.


I got rear-ended the other day, with resultant whiplash and destruction to my poor Hippiemobile (the trunk got stove in, and the rear driver's side door no longer opens). It's my first accident (there really should be a "My First Accident" children's toy that teaches young'uns what to expect). Luckily, the dumbass that hit me had full insurance, so I'll get a rental car until they either fix it or consider it totaled and buy me a new one.

I've had a couple of pretty hairy nightmares since then, where I experience the crash and the *CRUNCH* all over and wake up thinking, "Goddammit, it happened AGAIN!" And I've had headaches every day since it happened, although they WERE getting better...

I'm going to drink myself to sleep now, which is just about as healthy as it sounds.

Nov. 30th, 2008

Am designing own couture wedding gown, a la "Runway." Anybody got a spare dressmaker's dummy?
I'm re-reading Crazy Uncle Steve's Apt Pupil, the single scariest, most repellent work of fiction I've ever read. I'm on kind of a "facing my fears" kick lately, now that my biggest one (the usual biggie - real, lasting loneliness) seems to be moot.

I guess I try to read the things that scared me when I was younger because with sufficient familiarity, they'll lose their oomph. We all do that, right? Purge the poison, etc. And (aside from the above) nothing that's real and concrete ever scared me much - usually just fiction. (Like the Loch Ness Monster - is anyone else freaked out by a million-year-old sea monster?)

But Nazis - they were real, and utterly terrifying. I watched "Cabaret" in a semi-fetal position; that scene in the beer garden made me feel physically sick. The idea of rejecting one's humanity to become part of a hive mind, and (as many did) enjoying what you do, is to me the worst thing anyone can do. (The second worst is torturing the helpless, such as animals - also check. Way to cover all the bases, Steve.)

I suppose I'll always deliberately read stuff that terrifies me. I hope the process makes me braver, as it's supposed to, and not just stupider.


I have been walking around singing for days. Am such a sap.

And how fecking cool is it that he's taking my name too?

*happy sigh*


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